In cohesion with the growing eCommerce tendency of international trade volumes, Skynet Cyprus provides Logistics and Supply Chain Management services to Cypriot eCommerce companies. These services include collecting the sold products from the Cypriot seller and delivering the package door to door to the end international customer in a timely, safe, and cost-effective way.

Skynet Cyprus can act as the distribution provider for eCommerce operations, with a fully committed team both here in Cyprus as well as at our logistics agents and partners worldwide. This is a dynamic, 24hours process through transit hubs, ports, delivery gateways and stringent procedural formalities.

eCommerce logistics is a mixed matrix of transportation either by land or air, then inventory management (in some project-based agreements), route engineering, and of course assisted by the strong technology which facilitates the whole process through real-time updates and supervision. The procedure is continuous and takes place from the moment of collection until the moment of delivery to the consignee.

Likewise, a big portion of Skynet Cyprus’s efforts go to the safety, loss & damage prevention of the in-transit shipments. This is managed through operational controls at all point of contacts and shipment security management processes, in line with our general guidelines for warehousing facilities, including safety considerations at collection points and transit storage.

Skynet Cyprus also covers the especially important aspect of team management and the administrative side of eCommerce logistics with our trained team members operating in designate offices, the ground staff working in grouping, trucking, loadings, and deliveries, working in-sync to get our clients’ orders form the designated point A to point B successfully, in a timely, safe, and cost-effective way.

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